Yordan Alvarez’s early career numbers are staggering

If it was possible, Yordan Alvarez is even better in August than he has been in his first two months in the big leagues. Through Thursday night, in six games, Alvarez hit .478 with a 1.388 OPS in the month.

Again, if it is possible, Alvarez has been even better in the big leagues than he has in the minors. In exactly 250 Minor League games, Alvarez hit .311 with a .956 OPS.

The best part is that Alvarez just turned 22 and he has quickly made himself into one of the best sluggers in baseball. He has done this in the same fashion as the points above, as he has made himself better with experience.

Houston Astros designated hitter Yordan Alvarez, right, gets a high-five from Jose Altuve after hitting a two-run home run during the fourth inning of a baseball game Sunday, June 9, 2019, in Houston. (AP Photo/Michael Wyke)

The most amazing stat is that if Alvarez had the sample size of Mike Trout and continued his success through 158 at bats for that stretch, he would be tied for fourth with Katel Marte in WAR for position players this season. The only reason that he is not ranked higher is because he has been the designated hitter in 35 of his 43 games. In looking at his offensive WAR numbers, Alvarez would rank fifth in that stat with the same plate appearances as Trout.

Additionally, if he had enough at bats to qualify for the leader boards, Alvarez would be leading all of baseball in batting average, with his .348 mark. He would rank second in slugging percentage, just two one hundredths behind Cody Bellinger. He would have the same rank and deficit in OPS, but trail only Christian Yelich instead. He would also lead baseball in OPS+. Alvarez would be sitting between Trout and Yelich in on base percentage.

Those numbers are staggering, but this will push it over the top. If Alvarez had the sample size Trout did with his current pace, he would have an average of 37.5 home runs. Trout has 38, to lead the league. Alvarez would also have an astounding 115 RBI, which would blow the rest of the league away. So combining all of this information together, Alvarez would either lead or be just behind in all of the Triple Crown categories.

Alvarez is a young player that took some time to develop his power, but when he did, he has exploded. In 2017, hit just 12 home runs and 17 doubles in 335 at bats. In fact, only 32 of his 102 knocks went for extra bases. That turned around completely in 2018, as that rate went from 41 of his 98 went for extra bases. His OPS jumped from .859 to .904. He did all of this damage and his strikeout rate went up just slightly, by 15 in the same amount of at bats. With the two seasons, his strikeout to walk rate was just 2:1. The rate stayed consistent in 2019 between Triple-A and the Major Leagues.

You might ask what changed for Alvarez’s power to come around. Today, Alvarez is listed at 6-foot-5 and 225 pounds. Coming into the 2016 season, he was listed as the exact same. He hasn’t gotten bigger, but his power has developed into his swing and frame. Since he has consistently shown it for the past two seasons, and saw no drop off with his plate discipline and contact rate, Alvarez has displayed that his current rate is here to stay.

Even with these numbers, a lot of casual baseball fans do not know about Alvarez yet. That will soon change, as he will be on the biggest stage in October, with the Astros a near lock to make the postseason.

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