Phillies could be relying on trio of recently drafted relievers

In a season where everyone needs bullpen help, the Philadelphia Phillies could be looking internally when the rosters expand in a week and a half.

The team, who’s bullpen ERA ranks almost right in the middle of the pack at 16th at 4.55, has a trio of relievers getting outs at a strong rate in Triple-A. All have been progressed quickly as well, with each being part of Philadelphia’s 2017 draft class. Even more interesting is that not one was an early-round pick.

The highest pick was Connor Brogdon in the 10th. After a strong 2018 season in A-Ball, Brogdon has progressed three levels this season and already has 21 Triple-A games under his belt. He has posted a 3.76 ERA over that span, which is actually not bad for the juiced ball times in the big leagues and Triple-A. What’s most impressive is his season numbers of 0.943 WHIP, 12.7 K/9, and 4.3 SO/W.

The next drafted pitcher is lefty Kyle Dohy, who was drafted in the 16th round in 2017, has also put together a nice 2019 campaign. Dohy has posted a 5.88 ERA at Triple-A for the season, but has posted a 0.87 ERA in six August appearances. Over that span, he has also struck out 16 in 10.1 innings of work. However he’s also walked seven. Additionally, Ranger Suarez and Jose Alvarez are the only two lefties in the Phillies bullpen, which could give him an opportunity.

Finally, the trio wraps up with another lefty in Damon Jones. He might also be the most talented. Again, his ERA has been inflated at Triple-A and his walks are elevated, but Jones has a 2.77 ERA in 104 innings between three levels. Additionally, his H/9 are fairly low and his K/9 has stayed level around 12.5 between the levels. Basically, he’s a master at missing bats.

All three were drafted out of college, so they were able to be fast-tracked through the organization. What’s most interesting is that none of the three were high round picks.

The biggest issue is that none of the trio are on the 40-man roster. In order for them to help the club this season, that would have to end soon and creating three 40 man spots at once is never easy.

Regardless, we are about to see how outside-the-box the Phillies are willing to think in a year of poor bullpens throughout.

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