Cardinals improbable run fueled by unlikely source

Kolten Wong has seen so many ups and downs in his somewhat short career.

He has been a strong defender, but the bat hasn’t always come around. There was a Tweet the other day that Wong’s Bay will finally win him a Gold Glove this season. There appears to be some merit to that.
Most importantly for the unit though, Wong is leading a Cardinals team that is doing some great things on the field, despite standing pat at the deadline. The Cardinals, who are now three games up on the Cubs in the NL Central, were ripped pretty hard for making no important moves at the deadline. However the group responded by being one of the hottest teams. Since the trade deadline, St. Louis is 19-10.
In fact, it has been Wong that has really led the charge. In the second half of the season, Wong has seen his OPS jump almost 300 points from the first half. That’s no typo. Wong posted a .703 in the first half and a .980 in 47 second half games.
Sure, the pitching has been better. Jack Flaherty has been elite. Also, Matt Carpenter has completely fallen off. Paul Goldschmidt was seen a decline. Yadier Molina has been hurt. The Cardinals needed a stabilizer and that has been Wong.
His overall season numbers isn’t going to blow anyone away. Wong is hitting .285, which would tie a career high. His season OPS is .797, which would be a career high. The numbers aren’t flashy, but he’s been there when needed.
In July, August and September, Wong has hit no lower than .333 for any of the three and had an OPS under 1.000 for just one as well. To say he’s been spectacular during this division race would be a gross understatement.
Outside of a rotten May, Wong has been otherwise consistent for all of 2019 though. All months other than May have surpassed his career totals, showing that the whole season has been strong.
Though Paul DeJong and Marcell Ozuna will receive a lot of attention, and not incorrectly so, it has been Wong fueling this run. Regardless if playing as well as he has in the second half is sustainable or not shouldn’t matter. Wong has overcome his offensive struggles and finally shown to be a complete player. Just in time for a pennant race.

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